The Beers

Our Brewmaster has spent the last two decades cultivating his own distinct style, resulting in
the fusion of clean, bold and aggressive West Coast flavors and East Coast balance and drinkability.
At Stony Creek Brewery we call it…Aggressively Laid Back Beer.

The Crankies

Each one a bit crankier than the other, our IPAs are certainly bold and assertive just like their namesake the Great Blue Heron (AKA "The Big Cranky"). Big Hop flavors with surprising drinkability. It's about to get cranky!

Cranky IPA
6.8% ALC/VOL|68 IBU|12 FL. OZ.

Big Cranky Double IPA
9.5% ALC/VOL|95 IBU|16 FL. OZ.

Little Cranky Session IPA
4.5% ALC/VOL|50 IBU|12 FL. OZ.


Brewed for those who want complexity with a clean smooth finish.

La Garza Laid Back Lager
4.8% ALC/VOL|12 FL. OZ.

Black Water Pils Hoppy Black Lager
5.2% ALC/VOL|12 FL. OZ.

Dock Time Amber Lager
4.8% ALC/VOL|12 FL. OZ.


Three unique brews per year that will perfectly compliment any season.

Sun Juice Belgian Summer Ale
5.3% ALC/VOL|12 FL. OZ.

Crum Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Amber Ale
6.2% ALC/VOL|12 FL. OZ.

Snow Hole Double Red Winter Seasonal
8.5% ALC/VOL|85 IBU|12 FL. OZ.

Flip The Bird

Flipping traditional beer styles on their heads, a series of limited release brews that raise a middle feather to convention.

No Egrets American Imperial Stout
9.5% ALC/VOL|16.9 FL. OZ.

Sour Silhouette  Sour Stout
6.2% ALC/VOL|16.9 FL. OZ.

Imperial Stony Joe Imperial Golden Mocha Stout
8.2% ALC/VOL|16.9 FL. OZ.

Chahklit Baltic Porter
8.5% ALC/VOL|Draft Only FL. OZ.

Crimsang Soured Double IPA
9.5% ALC/VOL|95 IBU|500 ML

Reposado Negro Black Wheat Wine
9.2% ALC/VOL|500 ML

Lichtenlizzy Hybrid of a Berliner Weiss and a Smoked Rauch
3.5% ALC/VOL|500 ML


7.5% ALC/VOL|16 FL. OZ.

Red Heron Hurricane Sour
5% ALC/VOL|16 FL. OZ.

Double Rufffled Double India Pale Ale
8.2% ALC/VOL|16 FL. OZ.

Crankenstein India Pale Ale
7.2% ALC/VOL|50 IBU|16 FL. OZ.

Ruffled Feathers New England Style IPA
6.2% ALC/VOL|16 FL. OZ.

RIPE & Cranky IPA
6.5% ALC/VOL|60 IBU|draft only FL. OZ.

Stony Joe Golden Mocha Stout
5.5% ALC/VOL|1984 FL. OZ.

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