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From our town of Stony Creek, CT you never have to travel far for a day trip. Whether you choose biking the shoreline, ca-brewing the Connecticut River, back yard BBQing, club-hopping in New Haven, Hartford or at the casinos, hanging with great friends is never more than a phone call away. You can go from steak in the city to burgers on the beach in no time. We’re local and serious about our hometown’s beer. Make that, great beer.

Here at Stony Creek Brewery, we think there’s nothing better than drinking a true craft beer. Craft beer is an adventure and a destination. It tells the story of our local flavor. You see, it’s not just a beer to have, it’s a beer we’ll have with you.

So here’s to you day-trippers, adventurers and hometown heroes. Make it a local call when you head to your package store, favorite bar or restaurant. And be part of our sales team. If you don’t see our beer, then ask the owner to get it in!

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SCB – Our 1st Run!

Simply great beer, from great people for great people.

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*Available in 12 oz bottles and soon in ½ kegs and 1/6 kegs (log)

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